Islam in Trump's America

Hear us out. (we need this project heard now more than ever)

We aren’t here to be partisan or to talk politics, but there is no denying the Trump Administration has been far from welcoming to Muslims in America (and throughout the world).

We’ve notice a growing trend of verbal violence against several Muslims and Islam as a whole. It’s getting louder. And louder. It’s happened before to other groups of people throughout history, and it hasn’t been uncommon for the loud hate to conjure up some form of violent action. With this amplified sentiment against Islam (or at least a warped perception of the religion), the world sits in a fragile place. But before we start falling apart, or rather into our unchanging opinions of the world, we all need to take time to understand Islam more in depth than ever.

That necessary understanding does not only involve comprehending text, because text can be (and has been) misused and misread. It does not only involve talking to a Muslim friend once in a while. It’s viewing how Muslims express the religion, how we reflect upon spirituality – something that, in the context of any religion, is quite hard to understand from an external position.

This reaction to spirituality and religion can be seen through the lens of art. Real art. Current art. See how a prayer becomes a painting. Hear how it becomes a song. Feel it. Understand it. Then you’ll see, and we promise you, that Islam is nothing to fear. It’s something to study. To welcome. To embrace.

Because a hug is much better than a shove. Seriously.

The Islamic Artists of Orlando Staff

السلام عليكم
as-salāmu ʿalaykum
peace be upon you

We are unbiased toward any political affiliations and are welcoming to all who are curious to learn more about Islam or even contribute to our project. Feel free to contact us anytime or comment feedback. Any and all respectful discourse is always welcomed.