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Welcome to our virtual curation of Islamic art pieces from around the world*. The idea behind this page is to make the canon of traditional and contemporary Islamic art more accessible to the greater public. Explore the intricacies of ancient Islamic architecture or the ideologies behind new art forms inspired by Islamic themes and cultures.

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Islamic architecture is known for its depth of meaning and brilliance of structure. Islamic architects were leaders in their fields and experts of Algebra, Geometry, Physics, and Trigonometry. Inspired by Islamic poetry and aided by these fundamental scientific tools, Muslim architects built brilliant complexes that reflect Islamic ideology. Discover the beauty of Islamic architecture in this collection.

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Islamic Feminism

Feminism in Islam is a very important and well-documented aspect of the religion. Women are just as integral as their male counterparts in the spreading of Islam. Today, however, some Islamic countries have misappropriated Islamic doctrine to justify the oppression of women. Slowly, this trend is diminishing, but much progress is to be made in those countries. Look through this collection of art that fits the theme of Feminism in Islam.

*The art pieces displayed on this page are exhibited for educational purposes only. They are neither owned nor are for sale by the Islamic Artists of Orlando organization. All pieces exhibited on this page belong to the cited artists. Please contact the IAO staff under "Contact" if any piece should be removed for copyright concerns.